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Homes by KING's

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The Easiest Way To Find Your Mid-Term Stay Accommodation in Munich

We strive to push the boundaries of what it means to belong by redefining the travel-work experience.


Whether you’re traveling for work, or just to experience life while you work on the go, our furnished apartments for long term rent in Munich here at Homes by King’s, gives you a whole new way of living in the moment. These homes cater to the vibrant travel community of entrepreneurs, digital nomads, freelancers and those working on location, away from home.


Our extended stay mini apartments, complete with a kitchen, living room, comfy bed and idyllic workspace, are the perfect place for voyagers to feel at home, even if it’s just for a while. From stable and reliable internet for uninterrupted hours of work to a coworking café and bar where like-minded people can meet and interact over a refreshing cup of coffee and a healthy meal.


The Best Quality

WE PLAY LIKE A KING! This means that you can enjoy the highest levels of quality and environmental consciousness at all times, from our service to our organic breakfast. A Lifestyle of Health and Sustainability (LOHAS) was one of our main concerns even before the term existed. LOHAS is crucial to ensure the ecological foundation for future generations, and we dedicate particular focus to our health.

Owner-managed 100%
Perfect location 100%
Live, experience and work 100%
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The Homes

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R 615 Advastay Apartment 6-6

The homes &
Focus Lounge by KING's

Dachauer Str. 13 - 15
80335 Munich

AdvaStay by KING's

Dachauer Str. 12
80335 München

Homes by KING's Weßling

Weßlinger Str. 26
Weßling/ Oberpfaffenhofen

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KING's First Class + Focus Lounge

homesbykings Room 217 -1
Room 217
Room 218
Room 219
Room 220
homesbykings conference
Conference Room

AdvaStay by KING's

R 115 Advastay Apartment 1-4
Room AS 115
R 215 Advastay Apartment 2-5
Room AS 215
R 315 Advastay Apartment 3-5
Room AS 315
R 415 Advastay Apartment 4-9
Room AS 415
R 515 Advastay Apartment 5-2
Room AS 515
R 615 Advastay Apartment 6-9
Room AS 615

Homes by KING's Weßling

Studio 1
Studio 2
Studio 3
Bedroom Apartment 4

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