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AdvaStay - A Unique Aparthotel Experience - Across All 3 Of Our Locations In Munich

Our long term lettings in Munich have everything necessary to make the place feel like home.


So when you need a quiet, peaceful environment to work, your temporary housing provides the perfect amount of tranquility to get you in a productive mood.


If you’d rather surround yourself with other like-minded entrepreneurs, freelancers and digital nomads, our coworking cafe welcomes you.

R 115 Advastay Apartment 1-2
King's operates in 3 locactions:
Dachauer Str. 12, 80335 München
Dachauer Str. 13, 80335 München
Weßlinger Str. 26, 82234 Weßling, Oberpfaffenhofen, Hochstadt

The Social Sanctuary

Enjoy it exclusively at Homes & Focus Lounge by King’s in Munich
Also within short walking distance for guests of the AdvaStay.

Exclusive Living Rooms
- The Soul Of Our Homes in Munich

Enjoy it exclusively in our hotels King’s and AdvaStay in Munich

Enjoy it exclusively in our hotels King’s and AdvaStay in Munich

Celebrating Oktoberfest

Meet Like-Minded Working Travelers

Traveling on the go can get lonely. With most of your days spent working and trying to find your next long term accommodation in Munich on Airbnb, there isn’t much time or energy left for forming connections.


We offer to fulfill that craving for community, that we all naturally have through our online group of digital nomads like you on Medium. Our Medium group leverages the power of storytelling to create a fun, welcoming space where you’ll always feel welcomed.


We invite you to be part of this group of freelancers, entrepreneurs and remote working people, brought together by shared interests. The group is a wonderful place to share ideas, jokes, and stories to drive away the loneliness and bring new meaning to being together, apart.